Introduction to the working class of all types of industrial cranes


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By studying the following topics that have been defined by the American Crane Manufacturers Association (CMAA) in the six heading of crane service, you will definitely make the right choice.
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Working class A with low service and rare service
It can be used in power plants, turbine rooms, Engine rooms, transformer stations, barrier installations, or any other similar facility, requiring careful and slow movement with prolonged idle time.

Working class B with lightweight service
It is used in cranes that may be used for light assembly operations. Such as light warehousing, repair workshops, service workshops, this type of crane service involves light speed loading at an average speed of 2 to 5 times per hour and 10 feet per hour.

Working class C with Medium-Sized
It is used in cranes that operate on production lines, mills, mines and so on with an average of 50% of its rated load 5 to 10 times an hour on average 15 feet or 50% of its rated capacity.

Working class D with heavy duty service
FEM: 2 M ISO: M5
It is used in cranes that are used in the casting industries, factories, heavy machinery, steel warehouses and productive production lines. This type of crane service consists of constant loads and about 50% of rated capacity at high speeds 10 to 20 times per hour and averages 15 feet with 65% rated capacity.

Working class E with intense service
FEM: 3 M ISO: M6
It is used in cranes with auxiliary equipment such as kettles in casting and smelting plants, grooves in cement plants and mines, types of scrap metal in recycling plants of magnets and clamps in steel warehouses and production lines. This type of service is 100% rated load and 20 times per hour at high speed.

Working class F with continuous service
FEM : 4 M ISO : M7
These types of cranes are specialized and fully custom designed and manufactured for the continuous movement of high capacity and high speed loads in extreme service conditions. What is Important and sensitive when designing these types of cranes is the reliability of components and the easy accessibility and ease of maintenance. They are mainly used in plants where they manufacture sheet, rebar and steel rolling mill.