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This type of crane is the most complete type of crane and has restriction on the hall or location and is completely independent and the manufacturer has no limitations on its design and construction.

This type of crane is built up to a capacity of 1000 tons in the shipbuilding industry. This type of crane is suitable for loading and unloading. The most popular of which is the zpmc. Other types of gate cranes are used in the girder construction industry. These types of cranes are standalone and do not require columns or halls like other cranes. Gate cranes have several types:

1) Single-girder gantry crane: These types of cranes are used in open area. These types of cranes consist of a bridge, two basic, carriage, lift and electrical system and are built with limited capacity and openings. Advantages:

  • Single girder gantry crane costs less construction than the double-girder gantry crane.
  • Single girder gate cranes have less depreciation than double gate cranes.
  • Single girder gate crane has the option of adding additional equipment such as scales, sirens and more.

2) Double girder gantry Crane: These types of cranes are used in the open area. These cranes consist of two bridges, two racks, carriage, elevators and electric equipment, and these cranes are made unilateral and bilateral, and there is no limit for the manufacturer (span and capacity). Advantages:

  • Double girder gate crane performs better than single girder gate crane.
  • It is easier to repair a double girder gate crane than a single girder gate crane.
  • It is possible to add equipment such as single girder gate crane.

General features of the gantry crane:

  • The cost of building it is relatively low.
  • Suitable for transporting goods in open areas.
  • Lower energy consumption than the rest of the crane.
  • High safety.
  • Suitable for areas where cranes are needed for short periods of time and can be moved. Or a place where there are no industrial sheds. This type of crane can be erected and they work independently.
  • Cabin can be installed for this type of crane.

3) Semi-gantry crane: These types of cranes move one side on the ground and one side on the roof beams. Semi-gate cranes are manufactured in both double and single girder as per customer’s request.
The semi-gate crane is quite similar to the gate crane, with one side mounted on a ladder that can be used both indoors and outdoors. In the semi-gate crane one side of the end carriage is located on the ground and the upper side is mounted on a crane wall. If we want to use a higher capacity in this crane, it will be built as a girder pair.
Semi-gate cranes can increase the efficiency of available space and also reduce costs. Semi-gate cranes can also be used in poorly constructed buildings.